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Online business is exhausting, time consuming and overwhelming. Online businesses are constantly scrambling to keep up with the demands of their customers  who are looking for online access to their product or service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This demand has created some pain points for the Business Owners which are being addressed by AI-powered technology that’s coming out today.

Online businesses are growing in size and complexity. It has become increasingly difficult to manage them with the traditional business model.Business Owners today are no longer satisfied with how things used to be in the past when they had to wait in long queues or follow up on their orders by phone or email which often took days or even weeks to get resolved.

One of the best tools is the Growth Suite Package Tool from getflywheel.

Growth Suite package relieves the Business and Agency Owners from most of the responsibilities that come with managing their online business. They use the Growth Suite package to manage their relationships with Business Owners, run campaigns, and analyze data related to their performance.

Growth Suite package is a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of Business Owners relationship management in a single application on any device from anywhere in the world. It provides features like Business Owners service automation, workflow automation, activity management, predictive insights, etc., which helps organizations to grow by giving them better insights into what their Business Owners need and want from them.

Here are the Features of Growth Suite Package

  1. Growth Dashboard
  1. Bulk Site Management
  1. Service Creation
  1. Billing and Subscription
  1. Handling Clients

Let Us Discuss each of them in Brief

Growth Dashboard

A Growth Dashboard is a tool that helps you to manage the growth of Business Owners. It is a system with a range of monitoring and evaluation tools which help you to identify and analyze key business metrics.

A Growth Dashboard will typically have a line graph across the top that shows your total number of Business Owners or users, and then show an additional line graph for your churn rate. It may also have graphs for sales, lead conversion rates, cost per acquisition etc.

A Growth Dashboard is a tool which provides insights into the performance of a business for the purpose of strategic growth.

A Growth Dashboard focusses on tracking KPIs and metrics which are important to the business. These KPIs and metrics change as the company grows, so you need to make sure you constantly monitor them and make changes as needed.

A Growth Dashboard provides access to all your data in one place, so that you can use it as a tool to understand what needs improvement and where to start from.

It is important to try and manage the growth of Clients and Customers with a Growth Dashboard. This dashboard helps provide timely and accurate reports on the growth of Client and customers. It also helps in creating an order in which marketing strategies need to be executed, for example, making sure that Customer  acquisition is done before Customer retention is addressed

Revenue Dashboard

Bulk Site Management

The right tools and platforms make all the difference when it comes to bulk site management. The software should offer sorting by site options, sorting by stats and be able to save you hours of work every day. Managing sites should provide true value to clients and have a user-friendly interface.

Managing sites or blogs one by one is time-consuming and tedious. With bulk site management tools, you can easily organize your sites and update them without any hassle.Managing websites is not an easy task, especially when you have so many of them. You can easily get bogged down with all the work that needs to be done if you don’t use a bulk site management tool.

Using Bulk Site Management can save you hours of site management work every day!

It saves hours of work for any given campaign.

1- All the data is in one place,

2- Sorting by site options,

3- Sorting by stats,

4- Saving you hours of site management work.

Bulk Site Management screenflow

It is an all-in-one site management suite that has been designed specifically to save you time and hassle when it comes to site management.

Service Creation

A managed hosting service is a solution for those of us who are not very tech-savvy. They take care of all of the technical tasks that would have to be done on our own, so that we can focus on the more creative aspects of our service

Managed hosting services are often customized to fit the needs of their clients. Services can be created for anything, from hosting to executing remote tasks. There are many ways to create your services. The easiest way is through managed hosting. Managed hosting provides a framework for constructing cloud services, but it doesn’t do all the work for you.This section will focus on the creation of services and how to go about it with managed hosting. 

Service Creation

Billing and pricing subscription

Many companies still use traditional invoices. They require you to take care of all your recurring charges and line items yourself. This is time consuming and easy to mess up, which eventually will cost you more than if you had just used a billing platform like Growth Suite

Automated billing has the potential to be the most significant change in advertising for decades. For starters, it will eliminate manual data entry and time-intensive invoicing processes.

Businesses will be able to spend more time on their core business activities and less on paperwork, freeing up resources that can then go into servicing customers or even problem solving.

And agencies will be able to offer more efficient, accurate billing services to their clients.

Recurring invoices are a lot easier now with the help of a subscription billing tool.

Client Subscription and Billing


Working with invoicing can be complicated with recurring payments, but this option makes it easier by allowing you to manage everything in one place. You can also add custom line items to your client’s subscriptions, so you get paid for the amount of work you’ve done without any confusion.

Handling Clients

Every entrepreneur wants to find that perfect client. A client who pays on time every month, never complains, and provides insightful feedback. The truth is, you can’t find that perfect client. Like anything else in life, you have to make do with what you’ve got.

In order to deal with clients properly, they need to know what KPIs are the key metrics for their business. They need to understand their clients online behavior and demographics – it is essential for a client-friendly experience from the start of a project until the end of it.

What a great introduction! This section discusses how to deal with clients and gives some KPIs that will help them know how they should be approaching their clients in order to have a successful business relationship!

Client Management

Client management is a vital task for any company. Some agencies have automated this process by creating tailor-made reports, to help understand the needs of each client.

The report will detail the steps that are being taken to satisfy the client and how their satisfaction has been impacted by them. It will also contain information about how satisfied they are with current aspects of their digital marketing and what they would like to change in order to become more satisfied.

This helps in understanding each client’s specific needs and demands, which can make it difficult for agencies to provide what every client wants.

Client Management

The client management suite allows you to bill for those specific services—but it offers more functionality than just that. 

You can also:

 • Create, edit, and cancel invoices 

• Fill out a “client notes” section with important details 

• Track details about multiple contacts under a single client like roles, email addresses, and phone numbers 

• Save and update credit card information used for billing 

• Save and update point-of-contact information • View all managed sites associated with a client,

Client Portal

A client portal is a website, app or extension that you can use to provide your clients with a personalised and convenient way to interact with your business.

The portal enables you to sell products and services, provide customer support, and share information such as case studies and testimonials. The more value you offer in the portal, the higher the engagement will be from your clients.

Currently, there are three main types of Client Portals: An Agency Portal (for agencies), an Enterprise Portal (for companies), and a Self-Hosted Client Portal. Each type of Client Portal has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The client portal is a site that’s fully customized to your agency or business, so your customers aren’t even aware that there’s a tool called Growth Suite and that they’re using it. 

Client portal

Customer  Feedback

Customer feedback is an integral part of the customer experience. It is necessary not only for improving the quality of service, but also for customer retention. 

Plans and Pricing

Growth Suite Package has an Affordable Pricing Plans for Monthly and Annually Basis

For More Detail Pricing , Check here

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