DMOS Review :-All Needs of Digital Marketer in One Package

Are you tired of losing money to buy multiple tools that are supposed to help you with your Digital Marketing Campaigns? If so, DMOS (Digital Marketing Operating Suite) is the solution for you. DMOS  offers multiple tools integrated in it i.e., Search Engine Optimisation, Web Analytics, Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Online Reputation Management Tools with which you can handle all your marketing activities from one place.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite is an affordable Suite in a single tool that allows you to save your money. If you are a digital marketer then it’s very necessary for you to spend your time on multiple tasks while managing campaigns and performing different digital marketing activities simultaneously. To resolve all of these issues DMOS comes into picture which helps you to do all of these things simultaneously. So without wasting much time let’s discuss DMOS or better known as Digital Marketing Operating Suite in detail.

This Review Contains 3 Sections

1. Digital Market Operating Suite (DMOS) Tools Stack

2. Price Comparison

3. Social Proof

The Digital Market Operating Suite (DMOS) Contains Following Tools:-

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice

Software bots can be used to create voice messages for use as recordings in email marketing, newsletters, podcasts and live social media broadcasts. With services like JustNoticias, it is easy to make these calls with just a few clicks. Try using audio that is seasonal or related to holidays like Easter and Christmas so that your audience has something new to listen to.

You could also use a specific sales offer or discount code so that people will hear about what’s on offer from you first hand rather than through an email newsletter for example. You can also integrate a call to action within your message so that visitors are given an immediate option of what they should do next after listening. This makes it even more likely they will convert straight away by picking up the phone right away!


Brilliant Bots to Automate Social Media

DMOS (Digital Marketing Operating Suite) helps you automate your Instagram & Facebook Accounts. It has been designed to keep your Account active 24*7*365 Days of a Year. Unlike other Social Media Automation Tools it does not use any Proxy, Bots or Fake Accounts. The only thing that DMOS does is Click On Links, Like Photos and Videos, Share Posts using Schedules. Automation Bot  does not need any programming skill or special setup to use it and even if you have no technical knowledge about automation tools then you can also use it easily.

Brilliant Bots helps you to schedule your posts, social media updates and manage your social presence on multiple networks. It is one of it’s kind tool which not only allows you to schedule your content but also brings in traffic to your website. DMOS works on  Rules  that will allow you to automate your marketing activities and bring out great results . Such as running FB campaigns, scheduling Instagram posts,  etc. This Tool  will manage everything for you.


Email Tool

This Email tool allows you to create & send targeted emails to your leads/customers with a click of a button. As an added bonus, DMOS’s Mail-merge feature lets you make personalized automated emails without any programming skills required! DMOS email tool can help you get rid of multiple tools such as MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign monitor etc. It will allow you to send emails to your subscribers using a single email address. It will also allow you to manage your campaigns within DMOS.

It also allows to schedule future emails and DMOS automatically tries to resend emails when there is an issue with delivery or server errors or if an email gets lost in a spam folder or marked as read by your subscribers.


Funnel Builder

This is one of my favorite tools. With Funnel Builder, you can create quick and easy marketing pages to help increase your conversions. The best part about Funnel Builder is that it is hosted on Autopilot so there are no technical skills required. You just need to sign up and create your page using their drag-and-drop editor! This allows you to collect leads from social media, popular blogs, or pretty much anywhere else online. Funnel Builder makes it easy to create sales funnels on your website and then manage them through a friendly interface that includes a powerful analytics dashboard.

Funnel Builder is based on pre-made templates, which can be customized as needed. When completed, your sales funnel will include social media tabs, forms for collecting customer information and more. You can even run A/B tests to find out what designs work best with your audience.


FOMO Triggers

Fear of Missing Out. You see it every day; friends are traveling to new places, getting promoted at work, or landing new clients on big projects. The worst part is you know you could be doing all of those things too but don’t because you don’t know where to start or how to do them. Don’t let your fear of missing out be an excuse for not taking action.  The DMOS tool provides a vast variety of FOMO plug-ins that you can use in your website and can enable people to take action much faster.If you were to learn more about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) triggers, how would you want to use it in your day-to-day activities?

Try and be as creative with your answer as possible. Remember that creativity can come from both a qualitative and quantitative answer. Consider examples such as: How would you implement using FOMO Triggers into an interactive marketing activity? Or, How would you implement using FOMO Triggers into an immersive event experience? (what kind of activities?) or even something as simple as: What is one thing that you plan on doing differently now that we have discussed FOMO Triggers? Use specific examples whenever possible. 


Focus Tool

One of My Secret Weapons! Do you find yourself struggling to remember all your tasks? Are you frustrated because your days are spent managing a never-ending To-Do list? Then I have some good news for you! With the Focus Tool in DMOS we have taken Task Management to the next level. You can now plan out and manage your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly tasks in an organized manner and not worry about forgetting about it. Make your life less stressful with DMOS!

Think of it as a project management tool that keeps track of all your important projects , tasks & Tasks due today / today week/ Today month / Today year or else you will be fined if not done by set time. Being able to keep track of these things in one place is very helpful and can save a lot of time later when something isn’t done on time and causes delays in other tasks that depend on it being done by a certain date. The layout is very easy to follow along with and use quickly without a lot of confusion about what you should be doing next.


Gig Drive

This is a freelance marketplace, and you should go there to sell your services. You will get commission for everything that you can sell over there. This marketplace is reliable and has money back guarantee, so we are sure that you’ll love it here. In this Gig Drive you can store and create all your Projects and keep them updated with your Team members.

How Much a Gig Is Worth? The catch? You must use at least one external link as well as two other metrics of measurement in your answer. Example: Every freelance writer needs gigs for income, but how do you determine how much a gig is worth? There are three primary sources of income for any freelance writer: Clients, Content Websites, and Freelance Marketplaces. There are other potential sources of revenue like selling books and courses on your own site or offering up-sells to customers who hire you directly, but those are secondary to working with clients. So Gig Drive is a Library where you can store your Work Data and Generate Revenue from it.


Landing Page Builder

This is by far one of my favorite features in DMOS. This means that you can create landing pages, squeeze pages or product sales pages without coding. You just need to import your images and text and then you are good to go. I know that sounds like a small thing but if you have ever tried to build one for yourself, then you would know how much time it will save you!

What are Landing Pages? In simple terms, a landing page is any webpage that you use to bring people into your website. In particular, you want these pages to act as an entry point for people who are specifically interested in your content or service. It’s essential to have a solid set of landing pages because most visitors won’t go directly to your homepage and will instead click through links posted on social media sites or search engines. They could also end up on one of your many blogs or advertisements.

When it comes to creating a powerful landing page, one of your goals should be to give users a reason to do something, such as sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product. Another important goal is simply getting visitors into your sales funnel so you can get them to buy. 


Live Link / Bio Link Generator

This suite comes with inbuilt Bio Link Generator for Your Work and for your amazing profile to put it on Social media and other Marketing Proposals. This is an extraordinary tool for generating a lot of quality links to your site without paying anything or writing a single line of code. These links are going to improve your search rankings and help you achieve higher organic traffic over time. For any Digital Marketer, getting quality backlinks is one of their top priorities because most marketers understand that it’s not just about bringing in visitors but also about keeping them on their website and converting them into sales or leads.


Simple Analytics

If you are a Digital Marketer then you must think about analytics when you think of Online Marketing. What if I told you that there is one tool i.e. DMOS that can help your company to gain insights from each and every digital channel with ease without spending dollars? Sounds exciting! Right? Let me elaborate more in detail…

The Full Story behind Your Numbers: When you’re trying to gauge how well your SEO or PPC campaign is doing, don’t just look at impressions, clicks and costs. Dig deeper into cost per action to get a clear picture of where you stand with your campaigns. The cost per action metric will help you determine not only which of your campaigns are successful, but also show if you need to tweak any of your tactics for more positive results.

You don’t have to be a data scientist to get value from analytics software. Using an analytics program allows you to break down specific metrics for your posts and gain valuable insights into what’s working and what isn’t. The Analytic  tool is  great for measuring engagement, tracking your follower growth, testing out new ideas before launching them (and gauging their effectiveness), and much more. The best part DMOS has Analytics tool which will measure all your performances and help you with the numbers so that you can plan your project ahead.


Super SEO

​​The more specific you are with your content, articles, headings, titles and URLs, all leading back to one main page or hub of information for each keyword or phrase that you target. Not only will it make your life easier when it comes to writing out content but it will also help with linking issues as well.

Increase Traffic and Revenue By Using The Latest Techniques: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of writing blogs and creating content with an intention to improve your ranking in search engines. DMOS comes with some of most powerful SEO tools that can help you rank higher in Google, Facebook and other popular search engines.

Optimizing your website for search engines is essential. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes it possible to get found by people who are actively looking for what you have to offer. Companies rely on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for over 88% of all web traffic . But don’t just trust that organic search will deliver your customers.

To make sure, be proactive with your SEO strategy. Update your content regularly , create relevant keywords in anchor text and title tags , optimize page titles and meta descriptions, use structured data markup language ( schema ), validate code using schema validation tools and build links. Of course there are several other aspects that go into SEO but Super SEO in DMOS  is a great place to start!


Wonderful Whats app Automation

You can use WhatsApp to set-up multiple automated reply messages. If you are not able to respond instantly due to your workload, let it reply automatically if I am too busy in a meeting or I will get back to you in an hour and still stay connected. Create new rules in WhatsApp that if somebody sends you a message then it should be forwarded through DMOS.

Also there is no limit of inbox numbers that can be set up but make sure that those inboxes shouldn’t sync with any other system else it will take lots of processing power and hence might work slowly. If your workload is huge then automate everything from accounting, customer service, supply chain operations even human resource management using DMOS.

Whatsapp has become a significant source of communication between businesses and customers. You must be having many customers who are regularly interacting with you through Whatsapp. In such cases it is possible to set up automated whatsapp campaigns for your business just like Email marketing automation, SMS marketing automation etc.

WhatsApp Automation is capable of managing all your marketing automation needs seamlessly. It helps you schedule messages at very specific times and days of week so that they can reach maximum customer engagement for your business. This ensures that each message gets delivered at the time when most customers will receive them on their phones, increasing overall engagement rates significantly.


Pricing Comparison

Now let us compare the prices

SEO$500- 1000 per Month
Email Marketing$300- 5000 per Month
Social Media Automation$250 – $10,000 per Month
Whatsapp Automation$500 – $5,000 per Month
AI Voices$700-  $ 15,000 per Month
Landing Page Builder$200 – $ 1000 per Month
Funnel Builder$200 – $1000 per Month
Focus Tool$50 – $500 per Month
Gig Drive$500- $ 1000 per Month
FOMO Triggers$50 – $100 per Month
Analytics$100 – $ 1000 per Month
Bio Link Generator$6 – $10 per Month
Total Cost$336( Lifetime)$3356 per Month
Price Comparison Chart

So based on the above calculation Even considering the minimum cost of the tools on individual Basis DMOS is costing 1/10th of the price for lifetime of all the tools Combined, that you use per month, So what are you waiting for??? for Click here to Buy DMOS.

Digital Market is also Offering EMI option where you can pay on 4 Instalments , Click here to Check(Digital Market Festival Special – (6 Months EMI).

In order to make it more User Friendly it is offering a free 7 day Trial , You need to Sign up For Digital Market using this link and then Ask for DMOS trial.

Social Proof

DMOS has the official Press Release in Business Standard.

The Picture is taken from the Business Standard Website

You can Check the full Article Here

Here are the best words from the customers.

A massive suite of digital marketing tools that will save your startup (or business) thousands of dollars every month. Imagine having a suite of top-of-the-line digital marketing tools and software: an email automation tool to deliver beautiful and profitable emails; an autoresponder to help you build customer loyalty and retention, an affiliate tracking solution, contact form software, landing page builder, social media scheduling tool… I could go on.

DMOS includes a broad range of enterprise-level and consumer-level tools all built into one powerful system that lets you manage your online presence in any language, country or currency.

That way, you can spend less time switching between different programs and more time getting results and becoming better at your job. On top of that, it’s affordable. So if you want to level up your digital marketing game without breaking the bank, DMOS is exactly what you need.Sounds pretty amazing right? It’s all possible thanks to DMOS. What makes DMOS so much better than other suites and the best is offering free 7 Day Trial. Sign Up here and Apply for FREE Trail.

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